• 3 of Rachael Ray's Favorite Products for Fall

    "They look and taste surprisingly like pork rinds, and guess what they're made of? Yuca and mushrooms!

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  • Pardon My Take Podcast ft. Mark Cuban

    "There are these things called SNACKLINS which are the best dippers ever in the history of the world... I literally buy these things by box!"

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  • The 37 Best Healthy Snacks of 2020, According to our Editors

    "These are pretty darn impressive for plant-based 'pork' rinds. They look and taste surprisingly similar to the real thing, yet yuca and mushroom are the two main ingredients!"

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  • Meet the Tasty Winners of Prevention’s 2022 Healthy Food Awards

    These mushroom and yuca-based scoops are just as airy as they are
    crunchy. They get their nacho flavoring from nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and tomato powder for a realistically cheesy flavor made for snacking.

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